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Developmental Editing-More

Whether fiction or nonfiction—looking at a piece of writing as a whole and using editing skills allows collaborative and supportive interaction between editor and author, ensuring

 clarity for the reader, and ultimately brings the best delivery of the author's message.

14 Days 14 Pounds - Low-carb Daily Plan

by Kathleane C. O’Leary

 “I was blown away by Polly’s work on my cookbook. She understands recipe construction, which not every editor does. She's brilliant, fun to work with, and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you Polly. I’m looking forward to setting you to work on my next cookbook.”

Beta Reading/Manuscript Evaluation, Copy Editing

"I discovered Polly as a beta-reader on Goodreads, and warmed immediately to her judgment and editing skills. She understood my purpose and the audience I hoped to reach. Throughout the editing process, Polly was kind and considerate, helping me to form better descriptions and to clarify what I really meant to say. I appreciated her sense of humor in the middle of what is often a hard and repetitive process. I would recommend her services to anyone without reserve."

– Linda Schuyler Horning, author of Buhari – A Family Odyssey in Nepal

What kind of editing do you want or need?

Copyediting: checking all the nuts and bolts-grammar, punctuation, consistency; in cookbooks-ensuring that the instructions are clear and easy to follow

Developmental Editing: asking many questions and looking at the big picture-does the writer's story come through clearly, does it carry the reader?

Beta Reading/Manuscript Evaluation: reading new manuscript or chapters for cohesiveness, readability, and style

Proofreading: the last look for anything amiss with punctuation, grammar, formatting

Food Writing and Cookbook Editing

I recently enjoyed working with the Chelsea Green Publishing on Human Scale, Revisited, by Kirkland Sale. This classic text, first published in 1980, is now in an updated edition; it explains and reflects on historic and current design priorities in regard to human growth, its impacts, and future sustainability. Publish date: May 17, 2017.

Beta Reading, Evaluation


Dienekes, posted on Goodreads, January 2016 for Stars Gleaming Darkly

"Polly recently beta read my autobiographical novel for me. She gave me excellent feedback on both what was good and where I could improve my manuscript. She commented on the characters, plot, and pacing. She was specific in her commentary and in her suggestions. She is kind, professional, responsive, and even just a cursory glance at her comments has proved extremely helpful. I highly recommend her."

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