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Education and Training
Editing and Worklife
It is always good to learn more
about the work one truly enjoys.


Education/Editing Training


Perfect-It Workshop 

Essential consistency editing software, presented by developer Daniel Heuman, 2018


Fact-Checking Workshop

Presented by NW Independent Editor Guild, October 2017



Cookbook and Recipe Editing Course, May 2016


Author-Editor Clinic

Introduction to Developmental Editing, Fall 2015

This training offered an opportunity to renew and deepen my skills of asking important questions to authors, and refreshing thoughts on story analysis. Also, I appreciated receiving affirming feedback that I am skilled in this arena of editing.


University of Washington

Professional & Continuing Education Certificate Program, Editing



Washington State University, BA, Interior Design

Work Experience



Develop and maintain freelance editing service

Quorum Review Independent Review Board-Study Manager Associate



American Red Cross-Instructional Training Program Support and Boeing Corporate Training Contact


Editing Services and Fees

As a general rule, I charge by project fee, incorporating my skills, time, and standard editing and proofreading rates into my calculations. I find it is easier in the long run for both the writer/author and for my business.

(I use a national standard rate of 7 pages per hour, 250 words per page, unless I am notified that the material requires a more meticulous level of work.)


Copyediting, Developmental Editing, and Proofreading- per project fee

Beta-Read "First Review"/MS Evaluation

Basic: Manuscript beta-read, review, and worksheet   

              -$2.00/1000 words

Basic PlusManuscript beta-read, review, worksheet, and                                 editing comments

              -$2.50/1000 words



MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry), 



Arcade Magazine



Northwest Editors Guild


Organize volunteers to staff exhibitor table at July 2016 conference of Pacific Northwest Writers Association

Served as At-Large Board Member, Jan 2017-Dec 2018

Center for Urban Horticulture at University of Washington, UW Botanic Gardens


Completed Adult Education class promotional entries in local online publications, familiar with Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook

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